Litigation Services

Oil & Gas / Energy Litigation

Upstream development, lease obligations, royalty litigation, production accounting, JOA/Joint Interest accounting, Areas of Mutual Interest (AMI), contracts to convey, Texas Railroad Commission (TRRC) rules and regulations, processing facility contracts, environmental claims.  Click here for more information.

Complex Commercial Cases

Class actions, consumer protection actions, attorney general inquiries, accounting disputes, theft of trade secrets, constructive trust, fraudulent conveyance

Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices

National coordinating counsel and trial counsel for products liability, false advertising, fraud, economic damage claims

Automotive & Products Liability Litigation

National coordinating counsel and trial counsel for products liability, economic losses, class action defense, consumer protection claims

Toxic Tort & Environmental Cases

Federal and state MDLs, coordinating counsel, trial counsel

Other Services


Chrysta Castañeda is an approved arbitrator listed on the American Arbitration Association’s Roster of Neutrals for the Commercial Division. Chrysta arbitrates commercial disputes, including those arising from oil and gas operations, contracts and interests.

Expert Witness – Attorney Fees

Chrysta Castañeda serves as an expert witness on attorney’s fees. Chrysta has testified at trial on this subject and has decades of experience in evaluating the reasonableness and necessity of attorney’s fees in complex commercial cases of all types.

Crisis Communications

Chrysta Castañeda helps clients communicate about the business issues and legal challenges they face. She honed her skills in media relations by having acted both as spokesperson and media adviser in litigation matters. She draws on her two decades of trial experience and her training as an engineer to advise clients in formulating answers to hard questions. Chrysta also advises on local and regional political issues and public affairs.

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